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Marine & Naval Helideck Lighting

Civil Aviation Authorities throughout the world require helidecks and helipads to be lit for night time use. Quite often, lights are switched on even during daytime for safer visual landings and takeoffs especially when the sky is overcast. Like most other types of marine and aviation lighting, helideck lights have followed an almost identical technology development path from standard GLS lights in the earliest days to compact fluorescent to halogen and to xenon discharge and LED. Most sytems require both perimeter lights and floodlights. These are available from McGeoch in xenon discharge and LED versions. The latter probably offer better light rendition coupled with lower power consumption and a long, maintenance-free service life. For further information on McGeoch Helideck Lighting, please contact … McGeoch Technology Limited Lower Tower Street Birmingham B19 3PA United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 121 687 5850 Fax: +44 (0) 121 333 3089 Email: John D’Ambrogio Managing Director T: +44 121 687 5865 - E: Lee Wrangles Commercial Manager T: +44 121 687 5871 - E:
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