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Over and under the waves, the name of McGeoch Technology has long been synonymous with the design and engineering of high quality electrical control & instrumentation systems and specialist marine and explosion proof lighting for the world’s naval ships and submarines as well as the merchant ships and fleets of many nations. McGeoch is a proven supplier to the British Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer, Astute and Future Submarines and Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carrier Projects and continues to build its reputation for quality, reliability and service in a wide field of both naval and merchant applications. In rail, in explosion proof lighting and in LED universal applications too, McGeoch today is at the very forefront of design, engineering technology and supply, brightening up the way rail travellers travel, safely and efficiently illuminating hazardous areas and providing tent lighting for military personnel accommodation in and around hostile areas. In all these applications, the company uses state-of-the-art LED technology which is designed to meet the low energy, high efficiency and environmental lighting demands of the modern world. Our new website provides extensive information on the wide range of products and services available from McGeoch  Technology. If you haven't already found exactly what you are looking for, simply type it below ...
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